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How will i know my payment was accepted?
If you pay online you will receive a instant  receipt .  You will also receive a
confirmation email from Great Extensions which will provide detail information about
your order, training or service.

What is your refund policy?
We allow no returns on supplies and hair purchased.

Will i have to take a test to receive my certification? No test are required but we must see
your level of skills to properly assist you.

Is there a dress code? We don't require you to wear a specific attire just dress
comfortably as you see fit.  

Do we need to bring anything? If you are a student you must bring a valid picture student
id.  All others you have nothing to bring.

How do i purchase supplies?All those certified  by Great Extensions can order products
at wholesale pricing, others may purchase at retail rate unless you  become a

What if i have questions after attending the class? We have operators that can assist you
with the techniques by calling customer service.

What if my client is not sure if i am certified? You may have them to call to verify that you
have been trained and certified by Great Extensions. Your ID will be printed on your
certified document and we do keep a record with your certification number.

What if i only want to learn one technique? You are more than welcome to do so choosing
our one technique package- fusion certification. No other one technique packages
are available at this time.

Is my certification only good in the U.S.? Once you become certified it  is recognized all
over the world. You will be given a certification number for verification.

Do i have to be a licensed professional? We dont make it a requirement, Since all
International and U.S. State laws vary.  

I paid my deposit for training and changed my mind?  Deposits  and any payments for
training are nonrefundable. Any training not completed can be taken at any scheduled
workshop at anytime within one year from the date you made  the payment.

I own a school do you have any programs to fit our needs?
Each school is different. We do offer a student package with a specific number of
registers at a discounted rate with student id only. Instructors and owners exempted
from this discount but our group training is available.

Where is the training located?
If you register for the VIP Package it can be at the location of your choice.
If you are taking a scheduled class all detailed information will be provided on your
confirmation email you will receive from our company.
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