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Full Certification                        Deposit-Full Certification

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Payment Plan First Deposit

Hair Extension Deposit                             

                                                             Cold Fusion- Human Hair

                                                             Cold Fusion- Remy
                                                             Fusion & Ultrsonic Cold Fusion
                                                             SO CAP/Great Lengths/HairDreams

                                                             Thermal Fusion-Human Hair

                                                             Thermal Fusion- Remy

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Payment Plan__________________________________________________________
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remaining deposit balance can be paid at any other time up until 2
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final payment balance can be paid in cash
on the same day or with credit/debit 2-3 business days prior to your date.

Check/Money order____________________________________________________
Make Payable to: Great Extension, Inc.
If paying by check or money order it takes 7-10 days for clearance.
Your payment must clear before we  ship orders, confirm appts for services, hold a seat for you
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Western Union/Money Gram/Wire Transfer_________________________________
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For assistance contact customer service at 919-847-8323

Preregistration/Prebooking is REQUIRED
Deposits: If you decide not to enroll in the payment plan, you must provide 50% of the
cost to reserve your seat or to hold an appt for services. The remaining can be paid
anytime before 2 weeks of service or training date. Payments are accepted on  the day
of training or service if paying with cash.  If you are planning to pay the balance of fees
with credit card or debit card it must be taken care of at least 2-3 business days in
advance of your scheduled training or service date.

Our Guarantee: We promise that you will be more than satisfied with our services and
education, the quality  of techniques, and knowledge of educators providing the

In some rare cases the service date, course date, time, educator and/or location is
subject to change. In the event this takes place you will be provided with ample notice of
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