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Wilmington, NC                                       April 24, 2017

Miami, FL                                                
MY 22, 2017

San Fransisco, CA                                  May 06, 2017

Charleston, SC                                        May 07, 2017

Raleigh, NC                                             May 08, 2017

New York, NY                                         
May 23, 2017

Cincinnati, OH                                        
May 22, 2017

Boston, MA                                            
May 10, 2017

Charlotte,NC                                           May 0
9, 2017

Dallas, TX                                               May 07, 2017

Los Angeles, CA                                      May 08, 2017

Birmingham, AL                                        May 14, 2017

Phoeniz, AZ                                             May 15, 2017

Atlanta, GA                                               May 15, 2017

Las Vegas, NV                                         May 21, 2017

Orlando, FL                                              May 22, 2017

Nashville, TN                                            May 27, 2017

Charlotte, NC                                           May 27, 2017

Chicago, IL                                              May 28, 2017

St Louis, MO                                            May 29, 2017

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"What a Wonderful Class":  wonderful teachers!!!! They went over everything I needed to know about the knowledge of
extensions. And I thank her for showing me the light!!!! These techniques will definitely bring more customers to me. And one
day soon!!! Hopefully be working under "Great Extension" as a recruitier!!! Thanks for all you have taught me, and i will be in
touch in the future. Joyce 04/23/2007

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